The Intermountain Professional Rodeo Association (ImPRA) is based out of Southeastern Idaho.  It was organized in 1970 and has grown to be one of the finest rodeo associations in the west.  The membership is proud of our accomplishments and plans to continue to better the image of rodeo.  Special thanks to all those who have worked so hard to improve & promote the sport of rodeo!
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ImPRA Secretary - Lisa Lappe
Phone: 208-521-7708   
Fax: 406-276-3782
PO Box 88 
Dell MT 59724
Email: Imprarodeo@3rivers.net
RodeoGenius.com will be the official site for all
IMPRA rodeo entries. 
2015 Summer Rodeo schedule
2015 Proposed Rule Changes
New Proposed Rule for Amateur statis Revised